Keys to a Successful and Effective Website

The digital world is becoming more and more competitive these days. One of the things that most search engines suggest is to improve every piece of content you publish online. This article is about the importance of web content and how to improve it.

Are Keywords Still Effective?

Most people think that using of keywords is not effective anymore. This is not entirely true. Of course people still need to type in the keywords or keyphrase when they make a search query. Abusing of keywords is a different story. Google can now easily detect keyword stuffing in any piece of content published online. This means the 3 or 4% keyword density does not apply anymore. The best thing that writers can do is to be more creative when inserting keywords.

The formula to effective and organic web content

Choosing a Topic

This, however, doesn’t mean your whole article should focus on your keywords. You just need to choose the most relevant topics when writing your articles.

There is also a difference when writing for on-page (internal blogs or any piece of content within your website) and off-page articles (articles you submit across the web). In a way, there is more freedom when writing for your internal site. You can use your brand as your keywords and you can apply a marketing writing style. On the other hand, when submitting articles across the web, you should avoid this. Most article hubs today are very strict with their policy. This is to protect other site visitors from spam and unnatural links.

Be Creative With Your Titles

Making good titles is very important. This is one way you can attract site visitor. Make sure your title is interesting enough to make them read your articles. Avoid “lengthy” titles. Just make it simple and direct to the point. You may also play with words depending on the tone of your article. Most writers use numbers or quantifiers so readers know what to expect about the article.

Here are some good examples:

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Divide Your Paragraphs

It’s a lot easier to read an article if you use subheadings and divide your paragraphs. The best way is to use bullets to summarise the main points. This is ideal especially when providing tips for your readers.

Proofread Your Work

Always remember that there is always a room for improvement. Proofread your work and check your facts to make sure your information is accurate. You may also use online plagiarism checker tools like Copyscape to avoid duplicate content.

Advantages of Mobile Web Development

The introduction of mobile web has completely changed the way users looked at the Internet. Now, this was more, a lot more than sitting before a computer, wait for the pages to open, and get the job done!

This was the time to enjoy the fun of surfing on a go! All the favorite website were now becoming available on mobile phones! And today, when the time falls short, users do find the time to keep a tab on their mailboxes and their favorite networking sites. Thanks to the mobile web.

Today more and more users are accessing the Internet using their mobile phones and other handheld devices. According to the popular website Wikipedia, the growth of mobile users accessing the Internet through their mobiles is faster than the growth recorded for desktop and laptop users!

But easy it may sound, developing websites for mobile and other handheld devices is quite a challenge. Let’s see why:

Mobile web developers know well the challenges for providing the user’s web-like comfort on their mobile sets. And that is why they are striving to make websites light, easily navigable and attractive for all kinds of handsets, as these are the major requirements for mobile web development.

Most businesses have started looking at mobile websites as a potent marketing tool. Gradually the corporates have realized the potential of making their websites compatible with mobile phones. This would not only give them a broader presence but also attract a new band of customers.

From news portals to e-commerce websites, mobile websites are gaining their share of importance. Quicker and user-friendly browsers such as Mobile Safari and Opera Mini are adding to the phenomenon of mobile web development.

Smartphones have added to this trend with mobile phones turning to complete multimedia device rather than a simple communication tool. With the advancement in HTML 5 and development of a wide range of apps, web browsing on mobile phones has become easier.

Targeting Mobile Web Development

Mobile websites are much targeted compared to traditional websites. They include only the core message that acts as a persuasive tool rather than a traditional website full of advertisement and unnecessary applications.

The user base of Internet-enabled mobile handsets is far wider than the number of desktop and laptop users that makes it a better marketing tool. Also, using mobile phones requires very little or no training compared to desktops and laptops.

Mobile web can be literally accessed on the move, which is not the case with laptops, no matter how much wireless connectivity is available. It is much more convenient for a quick web browsing compared to a laptop.

A mobile website creates brand value for your business in the market. Not all of your competitors would have a professional mobile website. This will put you into a completely separate league much to the envy of your competitors.

It is very easy to integrate a mobile website with offline media, which gives users a chance to browse the information at their own ease.

If you want to use the Internet and web to the maximum, you should start seriously thinking about mobile web development. Outsource your custom mobile development project to a good offshore development center like at and you will see the results for yourself.

Mobile web developers can also create a good website from the existing content that they have on your website. They will run tests on the popular mobile browsers that will ensure an enthralling experience for your existing and potential customers.

By focusing attention on the traditional internet user who accesses the internet form a desktop or a laptop, a business is restricting itself to just a part of its target customers. But, by developing and deploying a mobile website they are widening their scope and reaching a bigger target audience.

This means they can further increase their chances of converting prospective customers into customers. In a cutthroat world of business, its become increasingly important to use as many marketing avenues as possible to steal a march over competitors.

Web Design For Mobile Phones

How does web design and planning differ for mobile websites? First, way fewer graphics and smaller graphics.

Second, way less text. Those readers who access your site by phone won’t have long amounts of time to read tons of content. Your content needs to be short and to the point in bullet fashion.

Third, your navigation must be very clear and very succinct. You want to make it extremely easy for them to find what they are looking for. Because of this, I recommend narrowing your pages to a mere handful of say 4-8 pages.

These pages should definitely contain contact information such as phone number as well as driving directions. This is one of the main reasons people look for a site online, so make sure you meet their need and make it easy for them to get to you.

Fourth, you should include RSS feeds for them to subscribe to. If they choose to subscribe its an easy way for them to keep up to date about events and specials at your company.

What makes someone qualified to be a mobile web designer? If you are considering extending your business through a mobile site design, I would seriously consider hiring a professional mobile web designer.

A mobile web designer will know about the limitations for the various cell phones on the market, how to get your new mobile site listed in the mobile website directories, be able to make recommendations about hosting and how to tie your site to your current website.

They will also know the difference between HTML (the code used to build regular web pages) and the code necessary to build a site visible on cell phones.

If you keep the above points in mind when looking for or interviewing a mobile web designer you will not have a problem successfully launching your web design for mobile phones.

In a nutshell, to fulfill the end users needs it is imperative to create a mobile website and follow these suggestions. If possible test your website on different mobile devices or seek out using an emulator that will allow you to view your designs.

Lastly, keep up with any new trends as mobile device technology is always changing, having awareness of these updates will aid in successful design.